Anti-human calprotectin antibody

Anti-human calprotectin

Article number: G002

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Product description

Anti-human calprotectin is a polyclonal goat antibody against native human calprotectin (G001; Getica). The antibody is purified using antigen-specific affinity purification. Affinity towards both native and recombinant calprotectin have been demonstrated using Biacore X100.


Composition and stability information:

Description: Anti-human calprotectin is a goat polyclonal antibody to native human calprotectin.

Product number: G002

Specificity: The antibody recognizes human calprotectin

Host: Goat

Immunogen: Native human calprotectin (G001; Getica AB)

Purification: Human calprotectin-specific affinity purification

Solution: PBS, 0.09 % NaN3

Stability: 12 months at 2-8 ˚ C

Shipping conditions: Cold packs

Size: 1 mg

Parameters tested for each lot:

Acceptance criteria:

Clear and colorless solution

Visual inspection

Protein concentration

≥ 1.0 mg/ml

A280, ε=1.36 ml×mg-1×cm-1


≥ 95 %


Affinity to recombinant calprotectin (Bon Opus Biosciences)

As observed

Biacore X100

Monomeric fraction

As observed

SEC (HiLoad 26/600 Superdex 200 pg, Cytiva)

Parameters tested during development:

Affinity to native human calprotectin ((G001; Getica AB), Biacore X100)

ka (1/Ms): 1.35E+5

kd (1/s): 2.21E-4

KD (M): 1.67E-9

Safety information:

Not for human or animal use.

Price table
Price (EUR)
Price / mg (EUR)
0.2 mg

€ 25

€ 125

1 mg

€ 50

€ 50

10 mg

€ 375

€ 37.50

100 mg

€ 3,000

€ 30

1 g

€ 25,000

€ 25

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