Human calprotectin

Native human calprotectin

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Product description

Human calprotectin is a complex of the proteins S100A8 (10.8 kDa, also known as MRP8 or Calgranulin A) and S100A9 (13.0 kDa, also known as MRP14 or Calgranulin B). In the presence of calcium, calprotectin forms a complex with zinc and manganese, giving rise to its antibacterial properties. Calprotectin is stored in the cytosol of neutrophils and is secreted in response to inflammation. Consequently, calprotectin serves as a suitable biomarker for local or systemic inflammation [1].

Fecal calprotectin can be used to diagnose intestinal inflammation such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease and can serve as a biomarker for e.g. inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Plasma calprotectin can be used, either solely or in combination with other inflammation markers, to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections [2].

[1] Stríz I, Trebichavský I. Physiological Research. 53 (3): 245–53 (2004).

[2] Havelka, A., Sejersen, K., Venge, P. et al. Sci Rep 10, 4208 (2020).


Composition and stability information:

Source: Human leukocytes

Solution: PBS, 0.09 % NaN3

Stability: 12 months at -80 ˚C

Shipping conditions: Dry ice

Size: 1 mg

Parameters tested for each lot:

Acceptance criteria:

Clear and colorless solution

Visual inspection

Protein concentration

≥ 1.0 mg/ml

Biuret method


≥ 90 %


Viral test

Negative for Hepatitis B (antigen), Hepatitis C (antibodies), HIV I and II (antigen and antibodies), HTLV I/II and syphilis.

External accredited lab

Safety information:

Not for human or animal use.

Price table
Price (EUR)
Price / mg (EUR)
0.2 mg

€ 250

€ 1,250

1 mg

€ 1,000

€ 1,000

10 mg

€ 9,000

€ 900

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