R&D – Research and Development

We are passionate about diagnostics and in supporting human and veterinary healthcare with high-quality reagents as well as novel technical solutions. We engage in external partnerships on a consultancy basis relating to both the aforementioned areas, and simultaneously strive to further extend our own product portfolio. Our R&D activities can be categorized into protein purification and assay development. If you believe we can be of support in your project and would like to initiate a discussion, do not hesitate to contact us on info@getica.se.

Protein purification

With our experience in protein purification we can support our customers in developing purification procedures for the protein of their need. Producing purified protein from complex biological samples is a delicate task, and we utilize a state of the art chromatography system incorporating well-established chromatography techniques based on e.g. affinity, ion-exchange or size-exclusion. With an established procedure in place we can offer purification of larger protein quantities as a service.

Assay development

Modern healthcare is evolving quickly and the number of diagnostic assays to be performed at the point of care (PoC) is increasing. Getica is currently engaged in several projects that aims at developing simple, cheap, and reliable, diagnostic assays that could be used at e.g. a GP’s office or at home. We believe that affordable, reliable and accessible diagnostics will positively impact future healthcare on a global scale.