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With more than half a decade in the field of protein purification Getica is an experienced partner in producing and purifying antigens and antibodies. Our services are individually tailored to each customer or partner and cover the steps from immunization to purification and final evaluation. As a supplier to the diagnostics industry we acknowledge the value of high-quality reagents produced in a controlled environment. Read more about the different services Getica provides below. We invite you to contact us at for questions and inquiries. We are always happy to discuss how Getica can be of assistance in your project.

Antigen purification

Antigen purification from complex biological raw materials is a delicate task. To handle the vast variations in antigens as well as the raw material these are present in we utilize a state of the art chromatography system incorporating well-established chromatography techniques based on e.g. affinity, ion-exchange or size-exclusion.

Getica offers to set up an R&D service to establish a procedure to purify the antigen you are interested in. Read more about this on our R&D page. Once a functioning purification procedure has been established, we can also offer the service of producing larger amounts of your antigen.

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Antibody production and purification

Getica also offers antibody services all the way from immunization, through purification, to quality assurance. We have established collaborations with companies that offer immunization of e.g. goats and rabbits, as well as dedicated cell lines producing monoclonal antibodies. With our experience in protein purification we can perform the suitable scheme to purify your antibodies. We have years of experience with purifying antibodies of both avian (IgY) and mammalian (IgG) origin using antigen-based affinity chromatography. Further, Getica can assist in quantifying the quality of the antibodies. The type of service and approach is individually tailored to the needs of each customer.

The antigens and antibodies in Getica's own product portfolio can be found here.

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