About Getica

Getica is a biotechnological company located at the Sahlgrenska Science Park in Göteborg, Sweden. Our core activities have since 2014 been centered around antigens and antibodies, of both avian and mammalian origin, for research and industrial use in various diagnostic assays.

We strive to support our customers and partners in obtaining antigens and antibodies tailored to their needs, where essential requirements include biological origin, purity, specificity and affinity. We engage in all steps of the process from immunization through purification and final evaluation. Getica's activities are adapted to the needs of each customer.

Getica are passionate about diagnostics and in addition to reagents we also engage in R&D projects aiming towards innovating new diagnostic products that will improve future healthcare on a global scale.

Getica's Management

Dr. Erling Sundrehagen – Founder

Erling has an M.D. degree (1970-1976) and a master's degree in nuclear chemistry from the University of Oslo (1970-1978). Erling also holds a Ph.D. in medicine (1978-1984) from the University of Oslo. From 1984 to 2013 he was the Head of Scientific Projects in Axis-Shield, comprising three consortium project in EU framework programs. Erling co-founded Gentian Diagnostics AS in 2001 and he also founded Getica AB in the same year. Erling holds 25 international patents and has throughout his career headed the development of a dozen diagnostic products and created businesses with more than 1250 employees.

Dr. Camilla Fant – Head of R&D

Camilla has a M.Sc. in Chemistry (1993-1997) and a Ph.D. in Surface Biotechnology from Gothenburg University (1997-2002). She continued working with controlled release properties of anti-fouling coatings at Chalmers University of Technology (2003-2005), with development of medical adhesives at Biopolymer Products of Sweden AB (Göteborg) between 2005-2013, and as a product developer at Wellspect HealthCare (Göteborg) between 2013-2014. Camilla started working for Getica in 2014.

Per Wormbs – Head of QA and Operations

Per has a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering with Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology (1988-1994). He worked for AstraZeneca (Södertälje) with production of API and finished pharmaceuticals (1994-2006). Between 2006-2008 he worked as a senior consultant at Semcon (Göteborg), and between 2008-2019 as head of production at Wellspect HealthCare (Göteborg). Per started working for Getica in 2019.

Our Vision

Getica's vision is to improve future healthcare with high-quality

reagents and innovative diagnostic methods